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Our Mission

Kentucky Alternative Programs provides a probationer-sensitive service that enable the courts to adequately supervise their misdemeanant population.

The goals of this program are:

  1. Satisfy the requirements of the court as they relate to offender supervision
  2. Monitor each probationer's progress toward completion of directives
  3. Operate at no cost to the courts

To accomplish these goals we will:

  1. Furnish each probationer under our supervision a written statement of the conditions of his or her probation and instruct them regarding same
  2. Keep the court informed concerning the progress of each probationer toward the successful completion of all conditions of probation
  3. Encourage probationers to continue along the road to successful completion
  4. Keep detailed records of our work
  5. Keep accurate and complete accounts of all money received and disbursed in accordance with proper accounting procedures and provide receipts
  6. Make such reports in writing as the court may require
  7. Maintain contact with other appropriate agencies

Our plan of action consists of the following activities:

  • Establish a dialogue with the judges, clerks, attorneys, and other parties affiliated with the courts
  • Establish a working dialogue with treatment providers and other professionals so that we may structure successful programs to address the needs of the courts and the probationers

Reports are provided to the court of individual progress (or lack thereof) toward fulfillment of all court directives.

Kentucky Alternative Programs
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