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The Drug Screening Service

Our screening program is simple, safe, quick, and relatively inexpensive.  While laboratory test are expensive and may take up to a week to generate results, the Rapid Drug Screen provides the immediate information required to take appropriate disciplinary action in a timely manner.  As such, KAP's on-site substance abuse tests are ideal for monitoring individuals assigned by the courts.  This program is effective with adults and juveniles alike.  Our program is also used in jails as part of a commitment to a drug-free environment.

  • PROVEN ACCURACY.   The Rapid Drug Screen offers laboratory accurracy in just five minutes.  The test is proven to correlate 100% with results generated by the standard laboratory-screening test.  Built-in tamper detection measures ensure this non-invasive test produces accurate results.
  • DRUG CLASSIFICATION.   Our normal Rapid Drug Screen test for the following: 
    • Cocaine
    • Opiates
    • Marijuana
    • Methamphetamines
    • Amphetamines

    In addition we can Rapid Drug Screen several other drugs, including:
    • PCP
    • Tricyclics
    • Benzodiazepines
    • Barbiturates
  • EASE OF USE.   The Rapid Drug Screen is the only on-site drug test without pipettes, reagents, or the need to tilt, mix, or shake the specimen.  This one step test does not require clinical personnel, technical training, or special equipment.  The Rapid Drug Screen is the most secure test on the market with a safe procedure that eliminates any risk to the test administrator who does not need to place specimen drops on a test panel or have any other contact with the specimen.
  • FEDERAL COMPLIANCE.   The Rapid Drug Screen complies with federal drudg testing directives at mandated sensitivity levels.  This test has received all appropriate clearances from the FDS for marketing to the clinical sectors.
  • POSITIVE CONFIRMATION.   As should be done with all on-site and laboratory drug screens, positive results from our screens are confirmed by a second and separate technology in a certified laboratory.  In the event of a positive result, the Rapid Drug Screen collection cup is sealed and sent to a laboratory for verification.

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