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The Homebound Supervision Service


Homebound supervision is specifically designed to aid the court in the supervision of their charges.  The program is designed to meet the needs of the court, as well as those of the population being monitored.

It is an excellent alternative to more cumbersome and expensive alternatives such as jail time.  The service requires no probationer attached hardware and can be provided for a fraction of the cost.

The system is ideal for use with the juvenile population because of the reasonable cost.

What It Does

  • Extends coverage of probationers without requiring additional action by the court
  • Allows Kentucky Alternative Programs officers to maintain daily contact with assigned probationers without raising the cost of supervision beyond reason
  • Allows the court to keep pace with accelerating caseloads without any financial burden to the state or the court
  • The system is on-site in the local Kentucky Alternative Programs office, giving the case manager total control
  • Provides 24-hour monitoring of all probationers when requested by the court
  • Gives the court complete authority over the homebound probationer

How It Works

Homebound supervision is a computer-assisted program provided by Kentucky Alternative Programs to give curfew checks and scheduled interviews at all supervision levels.  The system can make up to 60 complete calls per hour at any time of the day or night.

We are capable of scheduling our system calling on a formal and/or random schedule for each probationer we supervise.

When the system calls a probationer, his or her identity is verified by a unique voice-matching technology.  The probationer is asked a series of random numbers.  If the program determines that the probationer is not at home, the violation is logged into a database and the case manager is notified.

We can fully customize our program to respond to the needs of the court, including various language combinations.

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